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So there!
Someone here on Tumblr stole the picture of my pants and I’m super bloody angry about it.

So I’m uploading it myself now and already contacted the Tumblrsupport because I want to have the fake one deleted.

 It hurts so much that the stupid stolen one hit 50k that’s just bullshit and I wanna cry
The next time you wanna upload that s*it of mine you gon’ ask me got it??

So yeah those are the nearly finished pants i painted for my Nisha-cosplay.
Nothing more to say…
here’s my site which is also the source:


ok so yeah first off- don’t re-upload shit that someone else posted without permission, just fucking reblog it from them.  I don’t care what it is, even if its a photo they took of some god damn dirt.  

second, wow these are cool =v=

Guys and gals, I’ve seen this all over my dash this week… PLEASE for the love of all that is good, give this lovely cosplayer and their beautiful work the credit they rightfully deserve…and reblog the actual post and not some little shit who stole the photos without credit.

Super awesome work! I was certainly impressed when I saw them! :)

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After watching the trailer for Uncharted 4 a few weeks ago i just felt the need to draw Drake. I actually made a whole bunch of different rough sketches but those will follow later.

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We need more Starfox ! Falco and Wolf will join soon I hope =)

With Fox Mccloud the fox, Wolf O’donnell the wolf and Falco the bird :p !

No more Arwings, just dance -U-

Sauver le monde en dansant, j’ai déjà vu cela quelque part ^^.

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